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Monday, December 15, 2014

Glimmerglass reminder and lazy post!

Photo by artist-illustratoro-writer
Jackie Morris on twitter

No time to post--one sickie home from school, various events to attend, and I'm trying to stay healthy (-ish) and catch up on promised work. Here's a reminder for central New York region readers:

Glimmerglass reading
Writers Salon
Tuesday, December 16th
7:30 p.m.
CANO / The Wilbur Mansion
11 Ford St.
Oneonta, New York 13326


And here's the new Facebook page for the book, just updated. If you have a Facebook page yourself, please share--and if you don't, you can still send a link. Thanks to those of you who have read, written reviews in various places, purchased a book, or recommended it to others online or in the real!


Since I have no time today, I'll cobble together a few new comments from various elsewheres...

haunting tale of magic. If you enjoy you will love the flow of this, the poetry the heart.

said this [with image of jacket blurb] of Glimmerglass. Beautiful book. Loved my time lost in its pages.

RT When you are reading&find your dreams in a book. GlimmerGlass by This is how I feel

Started on Glimmerglass--odd and good, nods to Lewis Carroll, John Crowley--don't know where it's going.

Here is a wonderful gift to add to everyone's Christmas list this holiday season... Do not miss out on this literary treasure! 

Philip Cooper I absolutely loved Glimmerglass , enjoyed it more than any book I've read for a long time, and it has the most beautiful cover of course!

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