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Friday, April 11, 2014

At Antioch this summer--

Photographs courtesy of
and Ivan Prole of Zemun, Serbia

July 12-18 
Antioch University at Yellow Springs
Sharon Short, Director

The week's schedule here

Summer program faculty here
Andre Dubus, keynote speaker
Eileen Cronin
Chris DeWeese
Matthew Goodman
Hallie Ephron
Erin Flanagan
Tara Ison
Katrina Kittle
Marly Youmans
and more...


  1. Bravo! Enjoy the workshop. This reminds me, though, of another New York literary mecca: Yaddo. Is it still a functioning aesthetic enterprise? Way back in the 40s and 50s, as I recall, it was a splendid destination for serious writers and artists (Flannery O'Connor comes to mind). Is it near your neck of the woods?

    1. Yes, it's in Saratoga. I went a few years ago... the only time I have applied, as it's hard to leave children when one is married to somebody who goes on call frequently. I had a marvelous time, and met some wonderful people, and wrote a book that will be out next year.

  2. That title sounds like a line out of Shakespeare. Have a good time!

    1. Shall do my very best to have a good time, Ms. Lucy!

      It is strongly iambic, isn't it? Feel free to finish the line... or maybe the sonnet? Or a long, nattering piece of blank verse?

  3. I have opened a document with the very same title and typed it in, shall let you know if it fructifies!

    1. I do desire to see your end results,
      And read your words of summer's Antioch!


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