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Friday, March 14, 2014

Epiphany: gold, frankincense, and podcasts

Originally posted on January 6th, 2014.

"Puck in Spring," from The Foliate Head (Stanza Press, 2012)

"Ship of Trees," from The Foliate Head (Stanza Press, 2012)

"Clock of the Moon and Stars, from The Foliate Head (Stanza Press, 2012)

"In the Shadow of the Jasmine," from The Foliate Head (Stanza Press, 2012)

"I Heard Their Wings Like the Sound of Many Waters,"
The Foliate Head (Stanza Press, 2012)

Order direct from Stanza Press, UK
or via UK indies and affiliates
or by special order in the U. S.
Signed copies available in many North Carolina indie bookshops

* * *
These samples of interior and exterior art are by artist
Clive Hicks-Jenkins

Back cover image


  1. FYI . . . a commonplace from eastrod will cease "publication" effective immediately. The reasons are too complicated, numerous, and personal to list here. Thank you for your support during its brief existence. I wish you well. RT (Tim)

  2. Ah, much good luck to you, Tim! Hope you find a good perch in your hunt...


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