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Saturday, January 04, 2014

11th day of Christmas--

Now and then I've been glancing at my husband's progress toward Istanbul... and now he has landed. He'll be there for a bit before flying on to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, land of Himalayas and snow leopards and ibex and yurts. If you are a follower of this blog, you probably already know that I married a man of adventure. He got up in the small hours and drove to JFK in the blizzard, and only went off the road twice...

I'm missing him already, and so I'm posting some images of the at-home part of Christmas. This was the first Christmas we were not all together as a family, as our eldest child was in North Carolina with Mamama, my mother.

Good night, world--you are so big, so small.


Okra pod Santa

Newel post and friend
Antique baby's head that survived a tree fall...

Dreamboat to the land of Nod

Little Red

Clay ornament made by our eldest in 1st grade, Mrs. Sweet's class, Carrboro Elementary, NC

Advent wreath

Putting on the Doctor's red bow tie

Child no. 3 in horse mask and silly Hello Kitty! snuggly given him by a classmate

Etsy's Jevgenia masks


  1. Your husband has flown away in a blizzard to a land of snow?! A true adventurer! Hope he wil be safe.

    Gorgeous abuncance of photos! I love that first tree and your advent wreath the most. Those 'horse' masks are amazing too.

  2. Yes, he is a lively mad adventurer! I hope so too.

    Glad you enjoyed!

  3. Just the tip of the Christmas iceberg, but fun! Glad the extra singing is done for a while... And brrr, it's cold after the blizzard! But sunny.

  4. I love your all your ornaments! I'm going to make one for you for next year. Festive masks, too!

  5. Really? Wowee! I will put it on the blog...

    I had lots more pictures but didn't want to drown the post entirely. This tree looks very rosy in those pictures... not sure why. My camera, I guess, brought out those tones more.

  6. I like that first tree also!
    Well the regular lit tree is very festive as well, but the first is elegant indeed.
    Does that all come down today? I remember as a child feeling quite bereft when the decorations were all packaged away. These days it's the other way round! Why is that, I wonder? I love the Christmas thing, you see.
    The masks are jolly good!

  7. Well, it should come down tomorrow, perhaps, but it's a big enough job that I'm waiting for Michael's return. Also, I have had a few intense allergic reactions when I had to do the tree by myself. I wear gloves, but that doesn't help much when you have the grapple with the thing and get it out the door. I am a tree lover, but they have at times been unkind to me. So it'll be up a few weeks more, despite being a rather dry Norway spruce.

    Yes, the masks are great--Etsy is a good place to shop!

  8. Ah ha! It has been a masked Christmas at the Palace. What a delight, to have so many images of your world, a first for me! Your home is a treasure trove of seasonal delights. A Yuletide feast. Thank you Marly. I've so enjoyed this!

  9. Clive, the masks were due to you! As I am sure you could tell...

    Just posted a batch more images for a facebook friend who said she would make me an ornament after seeing this post.

    I loved seeing yours, especially the little theatre ones.


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