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Saturday, January 18, 2014

6 poems at Mezzo Cammin

Update: I suppose this is a hat tip to poet Ned Balbo for saying on facebook that he especially liked "Legends of the Virgin Martyrs" because that made me suddenly realize that the post should be "7 poems at Mezzo Cammin." The unfortunate virgins have suffered yet another injury . . . .

* * *

I'm feeling celebratory, as I'm just home from a tournament--child no. 3 won two matches (one technical fall and one pin) and had a forfeit (and yesterday won his dual with a pin as well)--and my husband will be home from Kyrgyzstan in the small hours of this very night. And so it's good to have a little flourish of my own to share--some poems at Mezzo Cammin, edited by poet and West Chester Poetry Conference director Kim Bridgford. Thanks to to her for much hard work of sifting and and arranging!

And there are lots more poems in the issue. The poets are Liz Ahl, Shaune Bornholdt, Rebecca Guess Cantor, Joanna Cattonar, Claudia Gary, Carrie Jerrell, Ann Kolakowski, Jenna Le, Diane Lockward, Barbara Loots, Katherine McClung, Susan MacLean, Angela O'Donnell, Jessica Piazza, Rosemarie Rowley, Maxine Silverman, Katherine Smith, Linda Stern, and Karrie Waarala.


  1. These are awesome Marly -- love all of them.

  2. Thank you for reading and liking and saying so, Midori! Am pleased to have gotten fine responses from poets and artists--no readers who are not one or the other as yet. Maybe everyone is an artist now...

  3. Tonight I was particularly drawn to 'Sir Gawain to His Shield'. So much of life edge in that, Marly.
    An exciting read as the world falls into another freeze around us here.
    SIX poems? That's like… six slices of chocolate cake!

    Oh… Ok.
    As you were….

  4. Hi Paul--

    Thanks! Spent the day driving to White River Junction and back... nice to see you here at the end of it.

  5. Wow! Wonderful, all. Must re-re-read many times!

  6. Hi there, Ms. Death Zen--

    So glad to see your name and have your kind and generous judgment!

  7. Thank you, and I'm so glad to hear these poems! (I always read good poems aloud, and yours always justify the extra attention.)


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