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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Insomniac frolics

In the middle of the night I have been tweaking my links list, mostly adding friends in the arts or the occasional reviewer or blogger, but now I am sleepy and will stop. I haven't nabbed everybody by any means, and if you are a friend and indignant not to see your name, drop me a line.

Sexy clockpunk with Southern or Arctic goblin monks (diverse and did I say sexy?)
Lately I've heard more writers complain about how depressing this agent-editor wish list is than anything else--and that's amazing, given all the recent upheaval and changes. I expect the good ones will all forge on doing what they are doing without paying any attention.

Sexy ephemera versus
Makoto Fujimura: What is the five hundred year question? Well, it’s a historical look at the reality of our cultures, and asking what ideas, what art, what vision affects humanity for over five hundred years. It’s the opposite of the Warholian “15 seconds of fame.”

Genre + age categories
Can't we get it through our heads that these are marketing categories? Once we get past separating good books from the others, nothing else matters.

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