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Friday, October 05, 2012

the acutest Angle

Angle, that slanted-toward-the-formal poetry magazine edited by those industrious poets, Janet Alexa Kenny (NZ) and Philip Quinlan (UK) has leaped on metrical feet into the world with a great TADA! If you are a person who cares about poetry, you just might like to visit. The issue is dedicated to poet and founder of interesting 'zines, Paul Stevens. You may download and browse the contents here.

   My presence in the issue (pp. 75-77, p. 101),
along with the first two lines of each poem:

The Fool Glimpses the City 
    --from The Book of the Red King--

Waterfalls of stars from outcroppings,
Torn vigorous lace making dervishes,

Because I Pass, I Pass, While Dreams Remain 
   --a little homage to poet Kathleen Raine--

   Who was it whispered in my dream?
The dream hour's angel whispered in my ear

Lumen Hour 
   --one of those uncanny dreams that want to remain--

Ankle-deep, I stand in sunlit waves,
An enormous disk of sun-lit water

To Make Much of Time 
   --finally a poem about internet frittering!--

Why must you fritter, twitter, play
And want fresh hours to the day?

"Angle welcomes poetry that is acute, possibly oblique, but never obtuse."

Favorite facebook posts of the week: 
so pleasant that I'm sharing them.

I read your book yesterday. A Death at the White Camellia Orphanage. Wow. I couldn't put it down. I fell in love with all the characters, and I didn't want the book to end. You are a maestra, Marly!

This is a very short blog post, and you don't have to know the context or know Marly or know anything to read it and be amazed at what the English language can accomplish. Go on! Read it! Stop reading this, and go read that! It'll just take a second, and I can almost promise you'll be made to feel more aware and alive.

What lovely comments, one from a brand new e-friend. I liked them so much that I'm saving them here... In a world where chance plays a large role and the number of writers who support themselves by writing is miniscule, such words are sweet.


  1. Congrats! Love the excerpts - especially "Torn vigorous lace making dervishes" and the internet twittering whish is humourous.

  2. Hi Marja-Leena--

    Glad you liked my shards (you being a shard expert!)

  3. What a great (and beautifully produced) thing this e-book is! I have downloaded it to enjoy in quiet time.

    I love that people love poetry enough to produce this sort of thing. BRAVO! To all involved!

  4. I'm glad two good poets had an idea... and became editors.


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