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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Autumnal: my busy-bee day--

I scrubbed the front of the house (disgusting, dirty, buggly-uggly) under the porch and the porch ceiling and raked leaves and cut down my garden and weeded and planted cardinal flowers for next year and gave my daughter a driving lesson and just wrote a little story. Trala! Why can't every day be like this? Think I'll revise a few poems before midnight, maybe toss in a little meditation and exercise and zoom around the moon a couple of times!


  1. Mercy.
    Careful there, Marly. You don't want to burst into a (okay, it would be a glorious) flame upon re-entry into earth's atmosphere.

  2. Marly, you sound like you've got some energy to share... I could use some. Just got home from the opening and I'm exhausted - shouldn't have done the repotting and carrying about of heavy plants in the afternoon.

  3. I was exhausted last night because I had to drive the older kids to driving class in Oneonta and then sit for five hours and then drive home. It's tedium that tires me out most, I think...

  4. I would be quite productive if every day could be like that one!

  5. Inspiring! Yesterday I cooked a banquet for three, a Vietnamese dinner. It turned out perfectly! That's all I got done though.

  6. I'm sure those in lucky attendance thought that it was a wonderful way for you to spend your hours!

  7. I wish I could have some days like that. The disorder in my house is starting to bug me! and get away from me.



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