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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Catherine Wiecher Brunell's first book

It's always interesting when somebody you know publishes her first book. In this case, it was Catherine Wiecher Brunell, one of the people I met through Miroslav Volf's Faith as a Way of Life national working group at Yale Divinity School. I wish her book well and hope that it finds that splendid little boat, readership. It is told in the scrupulously honest voice of a woman in search of how to live and love.

She sent me a copy of the book, and I tossed it on to a friend who is an editor and someone I know Catherine would like to see the book. But first I copied a little passage from the middle of Becoming Catholic Again (Chicago: Loyola Press, 2012):
I really have no idea about everything the divine entails and what exactly religion should be. I also don't know what will happen as I come to the end of my life or what the church will look like in a hundred years. But I do know how to respond to the grace that moves in my life today. I try to keep my faith this simple, because ultimately this is what puts me in relationship with an incarnate God. When I say yes to what is before me in life, I know that I am saying yes to the sacred that is there, too. God is in the concrete, and concrete life is in God p. 85.


  1. This is lovely. I like the humility and the straight forward passion here, very much. Though I come from a very different tradition, I am with this writer in her assertions.

  2. A parent or sibling faith, surely! Yes, there is a clear-eyed modesty and yet passion that is attractive here...


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