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Thursday, October 11, 2012

O festive day!
For recent book news, check the A Death at the White Camellia Orphanage and The Foliate Head tabs above. A new page for Thaliad will be up as soon as pre-orders begin.

Ignore me otherwise--today is my daughter's 21st birthday, and so there is much wrapping and decking and lunching and caking and welcoming of visitors and so on to do!


  1. Happy birthday to your daughter! Have a wonderful celebration! It would be great to have that cake!

  2. How quick you were! Yes, I was just looking at her "About" page and wishing the cake maker lived just a tad closer. Rebecca will have to be content with a marbled cake with chocolate icing from Schneider's Bakery.

    Here is Alison the Baker:

    Based in Emersons Green, Bristol, I design and make beautiful cakes for all occasions. I specialise in novelty and modelled cakes which are particularly suitable for children.

    However any occasion can be catered for, whether it is a child’s birthday, an anniversary, a big ’0′ birthday, a christening, an engagement or a wedding – an individually designed cake can be yours.

    All my cakes are bespoke – made to order – so please take a look through the galleries at some of my previous cakes. You can choose an existing design, adapt it or order a completely new cake. Please contact me to discuss ideas and obtain a quotation.

    Cakes can be traditional fruit cake, chocolate or plain sponge. Special dietary requirements can also be catered for.

  3. It's evening now, and you must all be having a fun time I am sure! I hope Rebecca has had a very nice day indeed, Marly.
    I would not wish to be 21 again (Urgh!) but - so much lies ahead at that age. One wonders what the years will bring!

  4. It has been lovely, and now she is packing for a trip... Yawn. Getting up before dawn.

    Thanks, Paul--one wonders indeed.


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