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Monday, August 13, 2012

Tinies no. 1

I have discovered that having to read 316 books (I am on 190 right now, this very minute--just glanced away) in a short period of time is a good way to put a stop to my own writing. So I'm noodling about a bit, writing some Tinies that are related but maybe not going anywhere, maybe not prose poems, maybe not stories, maybe just seedlets blown like parachutes by the wind. Here's the first one.


They took me. I was small and hardly remember, but there are seven of us who speak the old language in this place, and one who remembers--Old Martin, who was taken another way (by a greenish, glowing jellyfish that hovered in the sky, catching him in its tentacles and drawing him upward, or so he says when he doesn’t say “a machine of lights.” Or when he doesn't tell some other story entirely.) I love Old Martin because he taught me in secret the letters to write down what comes into my mind, what I see, what little I remember. 

And what was that?

Recollection is a meadow with dark blue flowers and red poppies, the feel of a hand curling around mine. It is a voice flaring in the dark, a shell cupped against my ear, a way that led into a tree: I felt the living braille of bark under my fingertips that said Open, and my hand drifted to the burnished knob. The gold against my skin tugged at me, sang at me, and called for me to twist, press, lean… 

I walked in. 
2 July 2012


  1. Chandra, you are sweet!

    More Tinies to come...

  2. Magical Marly! These are like little sketches and may reappear in future writings of yours, what a great way to keep your hand in while reading.

    So in tune with a book of yours (from the library!) that I am presently reading: The Curse of the Raven Mockers. Eldest granddaughter read it in one day (loved it), while I'm taking days, snatching moments from other busyness, or during an insomniac hour...

  3. Marja-Leena,

    I'm glad--and glad your granddaughter liked it... Of those two Adantis children's books, I think that I like "Ingledove" best. Some day I may try for reprints on them.

    Yes, the Tinies may reappear or they may just float away. Definitely like an artist doing quick little sketches.

    I keep thinking of writing projects I want to work on. And shall, later!

  4. Oh,good for you! A creative way to keep your hand in, and remember who you are -- and keep insanity at bay! Love this fragment, and the way it speaks of openings, and doors.

  5. Hi Beth--

    I wrote a number of little pieces and then let it drop. Thought maybe I would air them and write some more. I think the next one was . . . odd. Shall have to see, tomorrow, I guess.

    Yes, it is sometimes hard to remember when thinking so deeply about such a large number of others! Back to the books--

  6. Raven Mockers was the only book by you in our library, sadly, would love to read Ingledove too.

  7. Remind me after mid-September, and I'll see what I can do!


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