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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Foliate Head at Ty Isaf

Clive has copies! Mine haven't come, so here's a copy of his, splayed
to show front and back in a way my librarian mother would not approve...
Lots more pictures, inside and out, at the Artlog.


  1. I've replaced that photograph with a 'tented' rather than a 'splayed' image. I dread the disapprobation of your mother!


  2. Mine came on Saturday, what a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon in the garden! I took a picture and will put it up.

  3. Clive,

    Hah! She is a lively woman...

    Thanks for putting up so many new pictures. The only thing missing is the new-book smell (and cutting one's nose on the paper!)


    So glad yours came! (Mine went to North Carolina, alas.) Shall take a look. Thank you.


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