Monday, August 20, 2012

Eternal tweakage--

I spent a good bit of yesterday evening overhauling the blog and side bars and making (and unmaking and making again) changes visible and invisible. In response to comments here and elsewhere, word verification is gone; I'll try to keep it off and use spam controls instead. I've gotten some positive comments about the changes on twitter and some pleasant e-notes from friends (thank you, you supportive people.) If you have any comments, criticisms, or suggestions, now is the time to shout, whine, and complain!

More Tinies to come, but right now I must continue with The Enormous Read. After a day off, I'm ready for more words; I am at 230 books or thereabouts. It's easy to lose count. In the last months I have learned a great many things about writing and judging, and no doubt many posts to come will have something to do with the months of reading.

The first Thaliad comment has arrived, and I am glad to say that it is splendid. The last images for the book are in as well, and they are beautiful. (Of course, that was no surprise. Thank you, Clive!)


  1. I am really enjoying the new page layout, Marly.
    The book covers... such a good idea, and I like the quiet prominence of them. A lovely touch.

    Amazon links to each could be useful for some, but that may clutter.

    Extremely well presented page, basically.

    You just present us with one gorgeous book (in every way) after another!

  2. Paul, thanks for saying so!

    I do have links on some of them--click on the covers of the in-print books. Some to Amazon info or the publisher... Maybe it should not be the covers?

    I always think I'm done, and then six months or so later everything seems in need of refurbishment. I hope it's closer to what it should be now.

  3. Never lose the covers. I did not click on them but those who are new to them will!
    Never lose the covers!

  4. Maybe I should put links on them all, then...


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