Friday, August 24, 2012

The milliner's wedding

Spotted on Twitter: I was amused to see a mention of a post of mine about the wedding (long time ago--my mother turned out to be a belated ninth child) of my Morris grandparents in the 'zine, Wedding Flowersjust below a note on Natalie Portman's vegan-and-wildflower wedding. If you'd like a peek at the young milliner's headdress and magnolia bouquet, go here.


  1. Went to your linked post - oh my, what a gorgeous couple, a handsome man and beautiful woman with her gown, headress and those flowers! Loved their story. Of course I'd missed that since I didn't 'know' you back in 2006.

    I see where your love of magic, history and place come from - how very fortunate you are in your ancestors.

  2. It is a wonderful story and a wonderful photograph. I will now imagine her sitting with the infant in her lap, a pistol beside her.
    How on earth did it end up at that website?

  3. marja-leena,


    Farther back, my maternal grandmother's line is full of firebrands, both male and female, who fought in South Carolina during the Revolution. Wild tales!


    It's that strange "web" business. A William Morris (a writer) friended me on twitter yesterday, and I sent him a link to my William Morris. And somebody must have plucked it from his twitter feed.


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