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Thursday, July 19, 2012


NBA Young People’s Literature - Winners, Finalists, And Judges On Twitter If you are on twitter or follow it, this might be an interesting list to pursue--lots of people I did not know were on. And now, back to the big summer read...

And speaking of things discovered on Twitter, where, oh where is the angel with the flaming sword when you need him? First Billy Collins unbuttons Emily Dickinson and now, infinitely more bothersome, this. Outrage, as newspapers used to say when they meant rape. Austen? Just shatter a Grecian vase over my head, will you?

As long as we're in the realm of strange things learned on Twitter and the removal of undergarments, please note the fascinating discovery of a 15th-century bra! No doubt fashion historians are scribbling revisionary texts at this instant.


  1. From the examples of the re-writes given, I would say that this is far from erotic. Just plain mundane.
    There is a saying I think of that describes how erotic literature is erotic. "Always leave them wanting more." This works for desert also. And never having QUITE enough of a favorite dish to serve everyone (there are always other choices, of course!)
    Works for the erotic also. Jane Austen credited her readers with imagination.
    These rewrites will fail.

  2. Hope so--I somehow prefer "Pride and Prejudice and Cthulu with Lobsters" or whatever it was...

  3. Sounds exciting Marly. RE: the early bra, I would bet it was not too comfortable.

  4. Did you look at the picture? Didn't look so bad! XD


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