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Friday, July 20, 2012

Clive & prints of "Thaliad"

Clive Hicks-Jenkins is having a printmaker create a risograph version of the cover of "Thaliad." This idea sprang from the Artlog and the enthusiasm of Clive's followers for the cover image. The prints will look a bit different from the original but have something of the handmade quality of its collage of painted paper. As Clive has not yet determined on a size for the edition--though he is thinking of a small number of prints--requests will probably influence him. 
A Risograph is a stencil printer, and I recently discovered exciting images being produced by the Risograph method at Ditto Press in London, where interesting artists and clients flock to work with an enthusiastic team of artist/printmakers. I’ve been collaborating with Ben, who has been deconstructing the cover artwork of Thaliad in order to remake it as a Risograph print. The above image is a screenshot of the artwork remade in six separate colour plates: yellow, green, black, orange, ‘federal’ blue and bright red.
The result of this collaboration will not be a print that reproduces the collage in the way of  giclee or photo-lithography. The Risograph print honours the original artwork while showing evidence of the stencilling technique combined with the judgement calls of the print-maker at every stage of the process. The stencilling inks won’t attempt to  reproduce the colours of the original, but will create their own versions of them to produce a print that is a fresh and craftsman-made object rather than a standardised commercial reproduction. It’s a technique that utilises modern technology, though the results have a slightly naive quality, with the colours fresh and jewel-like. And of course, it will enable me to offer for sale, print-versions of the original artwork, without going the way of a giclee. 


  1. Thanks for the 'shout' Marly. Much appreciated.

  2. Hah. Appreciation, c'est moi! At least in this case...

  3. It's lovely Marly, and it's interesting to read about an artistic technique I was unaware of. I'm sure there are many.

  4. I had never known a thing about Cliché Verre until I saw the display for one of Clive's Old Stile books... Yes, a lot of interesting techniques out there.


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