Monday, July 02, 2012

Miss Yo-Yo & Marly at Yew Journal

yew logoIf you click and catapult over to Yew Journal, you'll discover some poems from my series, "The Book of the Red King," and artwork by friend Yolanda Sharpe. The editors always ask for an unknown biographical fact for the contributors' notes, so you may also ferret out secrets.

* * *
Ghosts and Gaslight was nominated for a Shirley Jackson Award, and now Charles Tan interviews Nick Gevers about the anthology. Nick refers to me and Theodora Goss as "grand mistresses of the mytho-poetic." I think we need some old-fashioned calling cards. Some lovely curling script:  Theodora Goss, Grand Mistress of the Mytho-Poetic. Etc. Nothing like a proper calling card.


  1. Lovely pairing and I like the new "facts" I gleaned here. More carrots, anyone?

  2. I can take them or leave them now... Sad, I suppose!

  3. Ha, an 'edible' bio! That's a great journal, love the art work too.

  4. I like the simplicity--just three poets and then artists for each...

    My sons were weird about food as younger children, but I think that I had them beat!

  5. Never heard of Miss Yo Yo Marly. a close cousin, I would presume, of the esteemed violinist Mr Yo Yo Mar. My, what a talented family!

    Always love these Red King poems, Marly. They really hit the spot for me.

  6. XD

    And so musical too--am going to hear her in "Aida" at Glimmerglass Opera soon!

    Glad you like them stilll. I need some time to finish going through them. Just a little scrub needed here and there!


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