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Thursday, July 05, 2012


Some nefarious thief seems to have stolen the bulk of the images off my book pages--how did that happen? This morning I have gone through and stripped the blank frames and replaced some essential images, but they are barer pages than they once more... Now I know to go through and check the art gallery more often! I'm afraid that the greatest losses were both finished art work and sketches; some time I'll replace the ones that I can by rooting through the blog. The book covers were easy enough to replace, though I did not find a clear one of Little Jordan. I hope that I have not introduced any errors (hanging captions and so forth), so if you see anything strange, please call me on it!

Meanwhile, in the past few days I have passed the 50-mark on reading for a judging stint. And that is encouraging: it is possible to consider 300 books, to give each one a fair swing. It's just not easy, and the reading must be done every day. Since I fear being slightly off-kilter with doing so much reading and no writing, I have started something simple--a group of related prose poems. At first I thought that I would just sit down and write whatever flew into my head each day, but I should have expected that characters would show up, and that there would be some kind of narrative visible, even in such a form.

I look forward to mid-November celebrations, when I will be free to start the novel that is rolling about in my head and making rumbly noises from time to time. It is great fun to think about, and I hope will be pleasing to read, some day.


  1. Oh, that's terrible losing the images of your work! Does the server host (blogger) not save them in a backup? So much work for you to restore, and at such a busy time with all your reading and judging and family. You still sound impressively calm - good luck!

  2. Oh, that's the thing--I should look on Picasa, as that's what they use for storage.

    I save being in a panic for child-related things!

  3. Oh Marly, so sorry to hear of image thieving. Or more like, some technical glitch that has dumped them somewhere else. I do hope you find them. You really don't need to be wasting time on this right now.

    I think that the number of books you have to plough through seems inhuman. Only someone as extraordinary as you could possible keep the concentration going, and I simply can't believe that there is another such paragon out there! I guess you must have a system of grading that you do as you work through. Oh... the mind boggles!

  4. It's what we expect, isn'it it? That mysterious and not always pleasant things should happen to us by means of sneaking, magical technology?

    Oh, it's all right. So far!

  5. Marly,
    Perhaps you ought to bookmark or store these images in case this ever happens again. That way you wouldn't have to look for them!
    RE: the books you must read, that's an awful lot, but if anyone can achieve it, that's you.
    I hope you get to settle down and write that novel soon.

  6. I've started something frivolous (or maybe not, I'm not sure.) Tiny little episodes in a very odd story.

    Mmm, I think that I have the missing ones somewhere... just can't remember where and don't have time to hunt. I need an intern!


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