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Monday, January 02, 2006

Good-by, hello--

Photo courtesy of
royalty-free, by wrhoanaz

Michael's famous New Year's Eve dinner
with a rambling-around-Delhi narrative
& good company
'White Ladies'
Mo√ęt & Chandon Champagne
Cartlidge & Browne Chardonnay
Tale Caju
Spicy cashews with cumin & peppers
Gobi Ka Shorva
Soothing cauliflower soup with coriander
Onion pakoras
Tala Gosht
Lamb kebabs with yogurt & pita
Cardamom-scented rice cream with painted saffron topping
Lahori chicken curry with whole spices & turnips
Indian-spiced spinach with corn
Mangos, persimmons, & cream
Fireworks over snow to follow
"Compare with me, ye women, if you can."
--Anne Bradstreet, from a poem about her husband, c. 1640
Goodby, 2005--
you were cruel to me as a fairy, wild & heartless,
with death and havoc in your blackthorn wand.
Hello, 2006--
here's hoping that you are a happy child,
with a tender heart for mortals!


  1. Test of the preview box.

  2. Hi Marly,

    Sounds like you had a fun new years eve. Our menu was not so exotic, however I have found a new recipe for ham/cheddar/potato chowder.

    Mostly over break I played kitchen cook and maid, stable hand to three cats and a dog, and clening girl.

    Hopefully the Blog Queen will return soon with creative endeavors. Otherwise the kitchen maid, stable hand and cleaning girl are threatening to quit and take up residence elswhere.

    Here's to 2006


    The BQ's maids.

  3. It was a grand eve, but I have been the queen of menial roles, despite all! Grand high cat-comber, vizier of grubby floors, 1st laundry pounder, etc.

    Happy new year to you!

  4. Great New Year's Eve. Menu sounded fab - I adore Onion Pakoras and Curry anything. :)
    Thanks for sharing it with me.


  5. Now, I think it is cruel to share such an enticing menu when some readers live so far from the table. Persimmons and mangos...oh my.
    The sequel to Raven Mocker is enroute to my hands. Can't wait.

  6. When one (this one) is a Southerner living in a Yankee snow drift, one most obtain as many sunny-colored fruit as is possible! Though it pains me that peaches are never any good after travel...

    It's not exactly a sequel--not at all, really--but a companion. Same landscape plus overlap with one minor character, who is not the same age as in the Raven.

    Is "jarvenpa" Finnish? And why would I think so? I'll have to look it up, web being full of geneaological wonders.

    And I wonder what sort of Linda came by, since she knows me... Linda P. of my annual one week of teaching? Linda K. the grand high coordinator of the same? Blog life is full of mystery.

    Yesterday was declared a Snow Day. Today is not a Snow Day.

  7. Happy New Year Marly! This is Linda K and I didn't send the original messgae. Sorry! However, while I have you on line, we are ready for that gem of a story you have been keeping for our collection. Anytime will do. We've edited all the others and seem to be ready to send it in. I'll contact Ron and Brian. Later... The menu does sounds toooo goooood. LK

  8. Another thing left undone... What was I promising? Don't answer. Will send! Something.

  9. A belated response to your question about the origin of my assumed name--jarvenpa is a version of my grandmother's maiden name (in Finnish it is jarvenpaa with all sorts of dots strewn about). I note that there is actually a singer/songwriter/poet called Diane Jarvi, or Jarvenpa (might be a distant cousin, but isn't me). The web is indeed full of oddments and interesting moments.

  10. Ah, well. Our names get polished of their decorations. (Oh, to have "dots"!) Mine used to be Yeomans, and I really like that better because people know how to pronounce it...


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