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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

The Red King dancing with Charis

Preparatory sketch 
Clive Hicks-Jenkins

Clive Hicks-Jenkins, from facebook: "A tiny and rough-ish drawing from my current project-book for Marly Youmans’ new novel ‘Charis in the World of Wonders’. The project-book contains several suggestions to the editorial board for the cover, one of which has now been selected and signed-off on, plus a stitchwork-inspired bestiary as a starting point for the planned fifteen chapter headings, tailpieces and vignettes, among which is this owl."

* * *

Now is the time of the King and the Fool, and to celebrate Clive's gorgeous art for that collection of poetry, but I could not resist sharing this little bit of next year's novel... A future vignette for a chapter heading. Below, a bit of the current book from Phoenicia Publishing. 

* * * * *


  1. I'm reading The Red King right now. It's mysterious and beautiful, familiar and strange, etc etc.

    A few weeks ago, I was pleased to get my hands on a copy of Val/Orson, in the limited signed edition. Added to the tottering heap of my "to be read" stack.

    1. Hi, Scott--just arrived from North Carolina last night and am glad to be home and not behind the wheel...

      Well, you have an unusual possession if you have a V/O! They are rare...

      I'm so glad you have a copy of The Book of the Red King! Makes me happy. Still hoping it is not doomed to obscurity--I mean, most poetry is, but not doomed relatively speaking!


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