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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Cabins and ladyslippers

Here's a glimpse of where I've been... 
Back to blogging in about a week.


  1. I tried guessing but my sense of US geography is fading, it's been nearly fifty years. Something suggested the ski-ing in Stowe, Vt, where the hills are lower and more rounded than way out West. But that scene pre-dates ski-ing. A phrase, The Little Cabin in the Hills, floated into and out of my mind and I imagined there was a US connection. Eventually, shamefaced, I googled only to find that that phrase had become a computer game. Nothing of yours I've read ever suggested an interest in computer games; I don't see them mixing with poetry.

    In the second panel, top left, (rather gloriously done, I must admit) are three flowers which might be clover. This told me nothing geographically but it did delve back into my single-figure childhood. Some myth or other said that that if you pulled out one of the tiny elongated petals (?) from a head of clover and applied it to your tongue there would be a small jolt of sweetness. I pursued this several hundred times but my tongue - yet to develop through tasting claret, red burgundy and chablis - wasn't sensitive enough.

    I suppose I can wait a week.

    1. Those bits of windows are from The Church of the Incarnation in Highlands, North Carolina! I like the way they used western North Carolina imagery.

    2. p. s. I have left comments on your blog but for some reason they're not showing up! Something amiss?

  2. Replies
    1. The one I wrote on the one you wrote about me, and the one after that. I think it's something to do with how you've changed your settings. Look in the dashboard under Comments? Under Awaiting Moderation? If they are not there, I don't know...

      I've had this happen once before on another blog, and I think it's because you changed settings and now the ones that are not "Google Account" but Name/URL have to be approved, maybe?

  3. Thanks for your persistence. I have responded, possibly at inordinate length.

  4. Inordinate length! Uh-oh... can't wait.


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