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Friday, February 23, 2018

Whelk by Elizabeth Adams. 12" x 10", $150

Elizabeth Adams has a newish art site with portfolio of drawings, watercolors, pastels, oils, acrylics, prints, and drawings. Still life, landscape (Iceland, Vermont, Quebec, New Zealand), and figurative work... Much of the work is for sale, and at reasonable prices. You can also check out her small, lovely publishing company, Phoenicia, and her blog journal, The Cassandra Pages.

Skorradalur, Iceland. Pastel, 63 x 21 cm, 2014.
(Private Collection, Iceland.)

Green Almonds. Watercolor, 4" x 4", 2017. $100.


  1. Lovely work. This post sent me to the Phoenicia website, which inspired me to put Dave Bonta's chapbook of tool-poems in my Amazon card and has me taking a second look a Rachel Barenblat's Torah-inspired poems....

    1. I have Barenblat and Bonta on my shelves... There's a discount on Luisa Igloria's upcoming book, too. I have a lot of Phoenicia books and gave the anthology for all my minor Christmas gifts when it came out. They're lovely books.

  2. Marly! Thank you so much for this post, which I just saw! How lovely of you.


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