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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

A. I. (After Internet)

     Out for dinner with another writer, I said, "I think I've forgotten how to read."
     "Yes!" he replied, pointing his knife. "Everybody has."
     "No, really," I said. "I mean I actually can't do it any more."
      He nodded: "Nobody can read like they used to. But nobody wants to talk about it."
          --Michael Harris, "I have forgotten how to read," Globe and Mail

Going on a twitter and facebook fast...


  1. Your link is broken: the correct URL is .

    Many of us have always been easily distracted. Before there was the internet, there was, as Harris mentioned, the outside world--that bird or dog going past the window, wind in the trees, snowfall or rain. Does the availability of quick electronic distraction make a difference? I think so. Are the people staring at cell phones all people who would have been reading The Golden Bowl straight through but for electronics? I doubt it.

    1. Yoicks, thanks!

      Indeed, very few people are reading "The Golden Bowl." But I fancy that Mr. Harris thought he might be reading George Saunders, say!


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