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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Maze-mapping, etc.

The Maze of Blood page has been revised and updated with clips from new reviews. Forthcoming is a new interview about the book from Suzanne Brazil--up soon!

"The Child and the Night Gaunts"
Did I say that I have a small story in the very attractive Dreams from the Witch House? It is an anthology of Lovecraftian tales by women, edited by Lynne Jamneck, and with by Daniele Serra art for every single story.  Stories by Joyce Carol Oates, Caitlin R. Kiernan, and more.

Bad and good
1. Bad: reading another writer's post on appealing to readers to post Amazon reviews and realizing once again that I am completely unable to ask (thanks to a large bolus of inherited Southern genteel politeness fed to me in childhood) anybody to do anything at all for me and so am not at all fit for the current material, commercial day with all its marketing liveliness. 2. Good: two talks in Florida in the next year; The Book of the Red King swimming along nicely, though I got stuck on revising "What the Fool Whispered to the Wentletrap" for three whole days and will probably dither over it a bit more; lots of poems coming out here and there, in print and online; lovely requests, even if I'm too busy to fill them; movie bite (though I don't really regard these, as I have been getting them since 1996 without much progress); possible trip to L. A. in June if I wish, and perhaps I do; snowdrops and aconite in bloom.

Writing child
And if you haven't seen this (I've posted it everywhere, it seems), go look: lovely BBC video of the late 18th-century writing boy automaton by Swiss watchmaker Pierre Jaquet-Droz (Musée d'Art et d'Histoire of Neuchâtel.)

St. Patrick's Day
St. Patrick's Day dinner, made by my Irish-Dutch-Akwesasne husband: corned beef, cabbage, salt potatoes, honeyed carrots, Guiness chocolate cake with Bailey's cream cheese icing. Today is my mother's 87th St. Patty's Day birthday.


  1. couldn't get the link to eventuate itself; maybe the little pixel guys in my computer get sea sick(crossing the atlantic). sounds like lots of fun and travel this year, crossing space as well as time...(complicated existence it is, yess...)

    1. Sorry! They're both working here at the moment. Perhaps they didn't want to travel, yes!

      Really I'm obsessed with whatever I'm writing and always want to stay home and have to be dragged away by duty or frolics.

  2. Well there, I wrote an amazon review for 'Maze of Blood' back in January, because it is an amazing book. And I started the whole amazon/goodreads review thing because an author once asked me to review her book, which I read and liked immensely. I never thought my review would mean anything, but then I had this heartfelt request, and so I was brave. Therefore, be not fearful to ask, dearest Marly! Having lived in Biloxi, I understand the southern genteel politeness, but I must admit it did feel good to be asked. Think of it that way. So many readers will be happy to learn of your wonderful writings!

    1. Aren't you a kind soul, Rouchswalwe! Thank you so much. It is helpful, and when there are a sufficient number of reviews, it changes one's status and the books become more visible.

      I do tend to wish that I could be a little more bold... but I'd probably be less me if so!


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