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Monday, November 24, 2014

Books and Culture review, Glimmerglass

Chapter header,
Clive Hicks-Jenkins
I'm grateful to editor John Wilson for his lovely review of Glimmerglass--I hope that some day we meet and I get to thank him in person for his long interest in my books. I am grateful to him.

From the intro: Some years ago, I described the novelist and poet Marly Youmans as "the best-kept secret among contemporary American writers." That's still true today (so I think), and if you haven't tried Youmans yet, her new novel, Glimmerglass, is a very good place to start. 
Near the close: The artist's calling, "to see and to record all life that filled this world—all, all [Welty quote]," is just what Cynthia accepts, and just what Marly Youmans fulfills in this wonderful novel.

Praise for all: One last note. We hear a lot about bad news in the world of publishing. And there is a lot of bad news to report. But let me register that this particular book is not only beautifully written but also beautifully made. The illustrations, by Clive Hicks-Jenkins, are superb. The typography, the entire design of the book: all bespeak care and skill that rhyme with Youmans' art and the story she tells. Blessings to Mercer University Press.
Read the entire review HERE

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