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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A case of the fritters

Christine de Pizan


This is the kind of terrible thing that happens
when you have read a manuscript twice in a row
and don't quite feel like starting on the third go,
and your brain feels too worn and stupid
to start other scribal duties.



  1. So long as they're edible fritters, I suppose!

  2. Fritters are good! Corn fritters all around.

  3. I've cooked all I'm going to for today! You cook them--corn and apple fritters seem right for the season...

  4. Fritter memories: On Sundays my family used to take my grandfather to the "Mountain Gate" restaurant for the all-you-can-eat buffet. In among the carved ham and banana pudding was my favorite tidbit: hot apple fritters coated in powdered sugar, as many as I could put on my plate. Sometimes there were corn instead, but they weren't as good as the apple. :)

  5. Alisa, what state are we in here? Very kind of your relations to let you just eat apple fritters! Rather than enduring the grownup food...

  6. Thurmont, MD so just barely on the southern side of the Mason-Dixon. I believe I also had plenty of pie.

  7. Somehow I was fantasizing the midwest. But they probably didn't bother with fritters...

    Pie! Favorites?


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