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Monday, September 09, 2013

Dear bloghounds and wandering sprites,

Photo by Rebecca Beatrice Miller, 
August 2013
No doubt you are all on tenterhooks about what has happened--if anything--in my life (unless you are tied to facebook and twitter, in which case you already know, as last night's insomnia was good for both of those sites!) For now, I'll say that I am back from Vermont, where I delivered a child to school and had a very good time (though my vertebrae are protesting from all the East Coast driving of the past three weeks. And the box-toting in Vermont.) But I have leaped from the proverbial boiling pot to the fire, as my youngest has just met the doom of another year of high school, the new painters finally arrived this very day (my house has been measled with primer all summer long by the last set), and I have a manuscript dueduedue.

But I really shall post pictures from the book tour, and perhaps even from Vermont... when I post them. And not before!


  1. What else is new? You are hysterically busy, and it is all good. Watching my husband wilt under the rigors of retirement, I don't think it's a good thing for the human spirit. He was sick unto death with his job, and things had gotten so mean-spirited at the U, that he hardly had a choice but to leave anyhow, but I am worried about him, though he has more hobbies and avocations than anyone I know.

  2. I think it often takes a year or more to get your feet after retirement, from what I observe. Luck to him!

  3. Most apt--I often think of that phrase! Shall march out of all this labor ahead of me and then come see what you have been making...

  4. Life has been over-exciting and stimulating and exhausting for you but for the good of your readers, your kids and your home! Hope things slow down a wee bit soon.

    Moi? Very busy getting home and garden ready for guests from Germany. They are now here and we are having fun! Not much time but a peek at a few blogs...

  5. Oh, Marja-Leena, I need to go peek in return! Hope the madness abates soon... I see many people elsewhere, but you only here and on your blog. Must go look as soon as I get to the end of my Panic List!


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