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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Sweet collaborations--

Artist Clive Hicks-Jenkins and poet and Aberystwyth University professor (now department head and Rendel Professor) Damian Walford Davies talk about poetry, painting, collaboration, and more here. Various poets come in for a mention, sometimes obliquely, and Damian reads some of his poems inspired by Clive's paintings. I'm glad Clive also read a poem by his dear friend Catriona Urquhart, who passed from this world on May Day seven years back.

The recording is a little wonky at the start, but hang on.

* * *
In related news, today Clive will post an image of the hand-pulled bookplate for Thaliad. Those will go to the first 50 who bought the book after launch plus the hardcover pre-orderers, I believe. I'm grateful that he and Beth Adams are going to such pains.


  1. I am doing a lot of thinking about collaboration in the wake of the broadside I published this week in Broadsided.
    I decided I will gather together poems I've done that respond to or appear alongside with a work of visual art. By the end of this coming week I will have about 7, including 2 from my book. I want to gather about 10 or 12, and then I'll call it a chapbook and send it out.
    I want to collaborate some more, to get the rest of that number together. I have written to the artist whose painting appears on the broadside and asked him if he would be interested in doing this. He seems game. The problem is, I cannot pay him.

  2. I don't think that I've ever asked anyone... except for something for which the other person would benefit equally, as when Yolanda Sharpe and I made a joint submission to Yew Journal. (There are a number of ekphrastic 'zines.)

    Mostly it just sort of happened, or else people asked me. I think that I am just hesitant to ask other people, but you are bolder!

    There are a number of ekphrastic magazines, and you might ask somebody to collaborate with you on a submission--that might be one way to have a pairing.


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