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Saturday, December 29, 2012


"My conversation make to be thy Reele..."
           --Edward Taylor

Sent my husband to the wrestling tournament in Cobleskill and spent the day in "huswifery" and the occasional shoveling of snow--four more loads of laundry and I shall put my feet up and be devil-may-care for the evening. Took a whirl by facebook and noticed people arguing that blogs are no longer the "done" thing, so what are you doing here? And now I whirl off to the Laundry Doom Room. If you have a question or a subject you'd like to see a post on, here at the end of things--past the Mayan calendar, past solstice, past Christmas and on the way to Epiphany--leave word in the comments.


  1. I have a question. Why is it my missing dentures are always in the last place I look?

  2. Because you let Loretta get at them. That's why she grins so much.

    David, you are everywhere I go except Twitter. Good thing there's one isle of sanity left! XD

  3. I am NOT stalking you, dangit! And I never Twitter cuz loretta is there.

  4. Oh, she is, is she? I shall be wary... Didn't know lemurs were allowed in the Twittersphere.

  5. Pot Boy is sulky. Nobody leaves him questions anymore!

  6. I'd like to see a post that discussed how your approach to writing might differ if there were no such things as publishing houses and ebooks and the like.
    How would you write for hand-bound limited edition stuff (as though 'literature' were no longer published or read).
    Would there be changes to your approach?
    Would there be differences in the way you completed work if there were never any deadlines.

    In other words - How would you write if your work were purely for your own joy, and that of those you know? The same?

    And then I'd like to know what on earth David R is doing here and how did he slip through your very thorough screenings?

  7. Oh. Those are good questions. Not that I'm saying David's question about his dentures was not good, you see, but...

    After I fold my gazillion loads of laundry, I'm sure I'll have all the answers. XD

    Talking to you on fb and blog simultaneously is a little . . . vertiginous. And now, back to laundry after my wee fritterean break!

  8. oh pot boy! What is for twelfth night dinner? I'm going to an actual twelfth night celebration with a 1500's reenactment group. Should be much fun! Also Pot Boy what is the mening of life??? There's one for ya.

  9. Donna,

    The Pot Boy will be so pleased! It will probably have to wait until Twelfth Night for the first... Perhaps the second earlier?

  10. Are you allowed out, Pot Boy, once all the pots are shiny and put away? Did you witness the cascade of falling stars on that clear and chilly night, not long ago?
    And, i'm very curious... Do you wear a hat? i see you in a hat, and think you must have a festive one, too.

  11. All questions shall be answered! The Pot Boy sends his love and enthusiasm for answering the world's questions...

  12. Dear Potty Boy--I wash my dishes in a sink and use the standard drying apparatus. Now, why is there always gunk accumulating in the bottom of the utensil drying bin though I just washed the pieces?


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