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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Stowaways! Or, mice twice, thrice--

Sent my daughter for birthday cake from our corner bakery, and she reports two little mice flashed by her feet when she got in the car. Drat! Southern forest mice invaded my Corolla again in Cullowhee. They build nests in my air filter, and I am forced to release the little Southerners into the cold Yankee wild or else snap their tiny backbones in mousetraps. Then I go get yet another clean air filter so I don't breathe mice-pelleted and -nested air. Alas for all of us.


". . . the true protest is beauty." -Phil Ochs


I have come to the end of a great many things, not just a long trip, and now I am going to polish the long sequence of poems, The Book of the Red King, and also the wild 3-in-1 fantasy tale that I wrote for my youngest, The Aerenghast Trilogy (The Infinite Library, Magna Wildwood, and Wizardry.) And I need to get back into the swing of choir and Advent, as Christmas is coming...


  1. Haha! I've had to park my car in a different place in our driveway... both our vehicles had 'dead mice' (per the mechanic) in them, but only my car could NOT be driven.. (I'm SO allergic to the critters)... last Feb I got literally sick of it so loaded up the car with mothballs. Worked. But my doctor complained that we stank of it and how good was it really for us, etc... (better than MICE, I said)... but since I changed places, no mice have nested. (changing out the filter wasn't good enough.. they were behind the dashboard. It would have had to be pulled.)

    good luck on yours!

  2. It is not my first bout of mice. I've also had squirrels (another town, another car.) Ack!

  3. My mother uses mothballs on the garage floor, and her car STINKS. Can't be good for breathing, but...

  4. Oh dear, what a homecoming! When we lived up north where it can be VERY cold, cats would climb under the hood and keep warm agains the radiator. Some didn't survive. Thankfully those under ours got away in time.

    Mice and rats have been invading our garden wnd wood sheds, so we keep putting peanut butter in those old fashined traps, jsut bigger for the rats. Works.

    Thankfully no daedly mothballs needed here, so far.

    Anyway, don't wear yourself out now, time to prepare for and enjoy Christmas. (Oops, that's work too, sigh).

  5. Evidently we are celebrating a belated birthday tomorrow by eating a giant cake and going to "The Hobbit." And other frolics.


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