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Saturday, June 30, 2012

A refusal to post--

My head is a vessel full of grumbles today, and therefore I refuse to post! Because who wants to hear grumbles rather than frolic and joy? If you want to hear from me, go read A Death at the White Camellia Orphanage (which contains my heart, beating sometimes erratically but always strongly) or go to The Twittering Machine and find me there ( or go plague yourself with facebookery ( or if too lazy for clicking elsewhere, go muck about in the compost of old posts. Good cheer and farewell, and "give you good morrow."


  1. Cheer up Marly. This hard time won't last forever, as you so often remind me.

  2. We all get days like this. That much I know.
    When I do, I do as I bloody well like and others can fend for themselves!
    Do that, Marly : D

  3. Paul,

    That is exactly the spirit. Let them fend for themselves: indeed! xo

  4. Robbi,

    I am the soul of good cheer. However, I stubbed my toe on life rather severely yesterday. I say this even though I am careful never, ever, ever to talk about any "hard time" in a post!

    Even now, I refuse to be deadly serious on my blog, which is my playground and not a place for long faces. In fact, I laugh and say, "Pah! A pox on the stone in my road!"

    And so, with Paul, I say: let them go and eat cake.. Preferably red velvet cake with coke and cream cheese frosting. Let them eat it on a green-glass Depression DUZ soap plate at the edge of the railroad tracks, watching the train go by.

  5. That's the spirit, Marly!
    Hope the "stubbed toe" heals quickly.
    So far, i've succeeded in NOT posting anywhere how i feel about this ...i'm not even going to say the word. (Tho i can't promise i can hold out forever, if it lasts the whole week as they are predicting)
    Instead, i'm going to escape and frolic (love that word) in my digital photo world.

  6. Hot weather? Good for you! We'll take our slings and arrows and splint-and-sling some busted arms! Or toes.

  7. Ah, honesty, one of my top-five personal fave writerly virtues. Seeing it here prods my excitement for your book, which I am gifting myself (wrapped up with a bow from Amazon) when I get home in less than a week. I hope things look up for you, though! An honest and happy person is the rarest and most wonderful.

  8. Usually I am quite content--or at least too busy to think about whether I am or not! But yesterday was full of trials, and none of them interesting ones.

    Of course posting about refusing to post is a form of lie, but I won't let that bother me, having just come back from lunch at Ommegang Brewery with Miss Yo-Yo, a painter/singer friend. The day is looking up.

    Welcome (almost) back to the States! Hope the re-entry goes well...And if not, I know you will have a good book to read! XD

  9. i succumbed, briefly, with weak tweets.

  10. I'm afraid that I was guilty of using The Twittering Machine, albeit briefly (all using of it being brief.)


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