Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Marly-links, Mezzo Cammin

It seems that I am the most-published-in-Mezzo-Cammin poet--that's good, since I am fond of the magazine and have respect for Kim Bridgford as editor and poet. Since she directs The West Chester Poetry Conference, I managed to talk to her a few times last week, as well as hear a reading from her poems. I've been in ten issues since first discovering the magazine; here are some links, should you like to ramble around in Kim's picks from my poems: 

2012.12011.22011.12010.22010.12009.22009.12008.22008.1, & 2007.1.


  1. Marly, I have had a short and delicious ramble through some during a coffee break, must come back again for more!

  2. Hi Marja-Leena,

    So glad you did--you are a wonderful reader!


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