Monday, June 04, 2012

Poetry Monday

Here I am at Empire Toyota in Oneonta, looking at the final .pdf version of The Foliate Head, a beautiful thing with illustrations by Clive Hicks-Jenkins--the loveliest testament to this friendship so far--and immaculately designed by Andrew Wakelin.  Clive and I cannot thank Andrew enough for the time lavished on this project, forthcoming from Stanza Press in the U.K.

And after that I must write my talk for Friday, when I'm chairing a panel on poets who write in other genres for the West Chester Poetry Conference. The introduction and poet-introductions are done, and I know what I want to say--just hoping life gives me a little space today!

Last night was a grand break, a lovely party with artists and writers and doctors and reverend doctors...


  1. This is going to be such a beautiful book, Marly (and Clive and Andrew) -- as that illustration proves. It's encouraging to all of us who love books and the book arts that a few people still care enough to collaborate on words and images and design, and produce lasting volumes of real beauty.

  2. A stunningly beautiful thing, this. It has been so very enjoyable watching this all unfold, and now there is a twist in the tale. This is so different to earlier ideas as they developed - but the natural result of so much we have seen. Completely wonderful.

  3. Beth,

    And I am glad you are one of those who cares and strives to make such books.


    Yes, it will be scrumptious! I am infinitely grateful to Andrew and Clive.

  4. It is gorgeous! As Paul says, an evolving creation, and I am looking forward to having a copy in my hands.

  5. As Beth said! Beautiful, such a grand project amongst friends. Congratulations to all the creators.

  6. Robbi,

    Thanks! I look forward to the tangible copy too!


    Thank you from all of us...

  7. Thanks to all of you from me, too. All the effort that goes into such ventures is more than repaid when we know the books are going into appreciative hands!

  8. Isn't that lovely? Especially since it all proved to be more work for both Clive and Andrew than originally anticipated: rather like building a house that acquires annexes along the way!

  9. Hi, Mary Boxley Bullington! Glad you like--

  10. wow Marly, your so amazing! like the energizer bunny. Your party sounds like a fun time and the book looks like it is going to be spellbinding. That illustration reminds me of my favorite version of Pandoras Box done in the late 1940s or 50s. beautiful


  11. I hate to admit how many times I've been compared to that bunny this week! Drat!

    But it is going to be beautiful.

    Hope you are recovering from recent events and in good spirits. Shall catch up later...


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