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Friday, December 02, 2011

Q-looniness abounds!

Thank you to managing editors Dave Bonta and Beth Adams for nominating "I Heard Their Wings Like the Sound of Many Waters" for a Pushcart prize. And to Fiona Robyn and Kaspalita, editors for the current issue.  I have enjoyed my contacts and new friendships with qarrtsiluni editors and readers (and my own one-time stint as editor with Ivy Alvarez) and am well pleased.

And I was interested to hear that "Two Poems from the Plant Kingdom" is one of the most-visited posts of the year, and that "Self-Portrait as Dryad, no. 5" holds the all-time record for visits--1,359 as of yesterday. Even without including those who choose to have qarrtsiluni delivered by email, it's hard to think of that level of readership from a print-only magazine.

Thank you so much, qarrtsiloonians!


  1. Up at almost 2 am., visiting The Palace! Wonderful news about the most-visited posts at q. Love the Self-Portrait as Dryad. but the first link goes to that too, oops! Be back to read that one later... zzzz.

  2. I was up at two also, but not quite the same two! Shall fix, thanks!

  3. Most visited poem. There's one other post ahead of you: that gallery of insect-machine sculptures from the Insecta issue.

  4. Fabulous Marly!! Let's hope this wealth of recognition continues and continues to bear fruit.

  5. Dave,

    Oh, yes, those were so much fun! Must say that I had a good time editing with Ivy...

    Shall change it next time I go into the blogspot innards.

  6. Robinka,

    You could put my poems on billboards around the country and yet I would still be o-b-s-c-u-r-e as a poet.

    I mean, poets just are obscure. Unless they go around performing obscene chants at pricey private schools like Ginsberg.

  7. Well, you're famous to me :-)

  8. Hey, Dale, I am so pleased that I can be famous to you without going around to pricey private schools and doing obscene chants like Ginsberg!


    Good cheer--

  9. In the nude maybe? We'll see whether it makes a difference that I'll be doing yoga studio readings! Perhaps it will!

  10. Don't think sitting about in the nude with his wife likewise helped Blake any! I shan't bother.

  11. So - when are you going to go around doing obscene chants then?
    And, would you mind recording that for us so we can pat one another on the back and say, "You see! Marly is as famous as we knew she was!"

    But until that day comes, we just know it in our hearts, Marly!

  12. Paul,

    You have nineteenth-century delusions of grandeur about the role of poets! Entirely sweet of you...


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