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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

ThePalaceat2 Book Promotion


Thanks to the bloggettes--mostly regular visitors--who ordered a book. If you like it, please pass the word! More news here soon. I'll post an address for sending to me in Comments, plus info on when the books arrive. I don't really know how long it'll take, but the order is in.


Illustration at left: the upcoming Firebird edition cover
by Renato Alarcao


The Aprille-with-his-shoores-soote

reserve by midnight April 6th.

I have a chance to get some first edition hardcover copies of The Curse of the Raven Mocker (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2003) a little more cheaply than my usual 40% author-discount-plus-shipping, and I've decided that I might like to spring for a book promo deal of my very own for visitors to The Palace at 2:00 a.m.

If you're interested in a copy or copies and are in the U. S., I'll send you one or more signed or signed-and-inscribed book(s) for the grand amount of five dollars each. The retail price is $18.00. I'll cover the postage to me and then to you plus the cost of the book (don't count on first class!), and I'll cover any gap between that amount and my cost--I'm not quite sure what the total will be.

I'm not going to ask for anything in return, though I hope you'll like it enough to send out some word-of-mouth and to consider buying a copy of Ingledove at your favorite bookstore, either in the Farrar, Straus & Giroux hardcover or the upcoming Firebird paperback.

If you're interested, leave me a note in comments by midnight on April 6th. Better yet, 2:00 a.m. the next day! I'll figure out how to manage the logistics later. . . There will be a limited number of books available (matching the limits of the royal purse), but order as many or as few as you like; I'm don't imagine that buyers from three days of "palace traffic" will be too difficult to manage!

The Curse of the Raven Mocker -

The Baton Rouge Advocate's Best Children's Book of 2003,
Books & Culture's Top Ten Books of 2003

If you haven't heard about this novel, that may be because it was published as a Young Adult book. Then again, it's a novel that eludes categories right and left. It's a fantasy—but nothing like most books in that genre. It draws a lot on Cherokee lore, but it isn't a "Native American" book. It is a portrait of the artist as a girl about to become a woman, and a story of the Spirit (and of spiritual warfare). As I have learned since first getting acquainted with her work a year and a half ago, Youmans (pronounced like "yeoman" with an "s" added) is the best-kept secret among contemporary American writers. She writes like an angel—an angel who has learned what it is to be human. I hope you too will discover Youmansland. --Books & Culture.
Raven Mocker is Wonderful Feat of Imagination ". . . This is a book that is destined to become a classic and to win many awards. It is my early favorite for the National Book Award for Children's Literature." --Greg Langley, The Baton Rouge Advocate
Well, that didn't happen, but it was a splendid thought!


Ingledove -

The Baton Rouge Advocate's Best Young Adult Novel of 2005

INGLEDOVE is a marvelous book. I loved it and thought it was even better than Marly Youmans's first book about the magic land of Adantis, The Curse of the Raven Mocker, where the inhabitants and their magic are half Cherokee, half Border Celtic. I loved the way the Hidden Land materializes around you as you read as naturally as breathing. And the magic seems to arise almost as naturally--though it can be as sudden and cruel as a snakebite--and all of it is always breathtakingly wonderful. Then, instead of leaving you simply gasping at her marvels, Marly Youmans has the courage and the good sense to point out that experiences of this order cause people to change. I really admired this book. --Diana Wynne Jones


In this exceptional novel Youmans skillfully mixes Celtic, Appalachian and Cherokee mythology and language to create Adantis, a fantastic world, half hidden in nature. Abandoned by their father and orphaned at their mother's death, Ingledove and her brother Lang know Adantis only as a fairy tale world from their mother's stories. Yet when Ingledove’s brother Lang is haunted by a beautiful serpent demon, the children must make the perilous journey to Adantis to free Lang from his deadly enchantment. There Ingledove discovers her mother’s legacy, the powerful beauty of Adantis, and her own inner strength. Youmans’ characters are compelling; the dialogue is unique, rich with invented vocabulary. Her prose, lush and evocative as fireflies, seems to lift from the pages. A simply beautiful novel. --Midori Snyder @ The Endicott Studio


Both books will be available in paperback from Sharyn November's Firebird imprint in the fall. For more review clips and an interview, click on the titles to the right, under the "Bookshelf."


  1. Three, please, if that's not being too greedy?

  2. I imagine that most any number will be okay, since I'm just offering this little deal on the blog...

    So three it is!

  3. As you know, I have my very own signed and inscribed copy, but I'd love to have one inscribed to Robin and signed, of course.
    Many thanks!

  4. i'd like 2 copies, please. thanks for letting me in on this great steal/deal!

  5. One for my classroom bookshelf please so that I can hook my kids on one of my favorite authors.

    If you want to inscribe it, you could write something to the blog queens classes.


  6. My heart skipped when I read that. How wonderful! I would LOVE to have a signed and maybe inscribed copy, pretty please. Thanks :)

  7. Actually, could I have one more for a grand total of two grand books? My friend's birthday is approching, and I'm sure she'd enjoy it. I'll figure out a way to send payment for the books.

  8. Would love to have signed copy. thanks for continuing to remember me in your messages.
    Still working on finding a pub for my piece of work.

  9. Okay, this is a Linda from NC, I think. Which one? Linda P. or Linda K., I suspect... Somebody from NCCAT with a story, for sure!

    Hi there, all.

    Everything looks fine with me so far. Megan, we'll work out 'how to' after I see how many I need to order.

    Back anon.

    I need to go help my daughter with a school project. It appears to be hair-raising.

  10. What a pleasant surprise on a beautiful Wednesday morning! I would like two, please: one inscribed to Sidney, Erin, and Nathan; both signed, of course. --DSY

  11. Oh, please! I'd love to add another wonderful book to my favorites collection! I would like one very much, signed and inscribed if you don't mind. I guess you, Megan and I have to put our heads together to figure out the money issue, right?

  12. No worry, Katie--
    We'll work it out. Perhaps Ms. L will be a coordinator for you and Megan, since she has asked for another copy. Tonight I have events here, and tomorrow I'm doing a book club in Oneonta, but after that I'll figure out how to manage things and post some info for all who order...

  13. Yes, we'll work out how to pay later. Maybe Ms. L will help, although she seems to be AWOL as of now. And could you please inscribe both books, one to Ariel and one to Megan? Thanks so much!! :)

  14. You make me laugh! AWOL! Just extending one glorious vacation but I have returned my dear Megan, and of course I'll coordinate the book payments and distribution. Marly knows where to find me. Actually, she's found us all on Tenthousandcolors. What fun!
    See you tomorrow Megan.

  15. -corey (tn)
    1--chloe w/ inscription
    2--flannery w/ inscription

    3-andrea (suny-d) just signature

    4-marcella (nc)

    5--msm 12 signed

    6-ralph (h-d)

  16. Not AWOL then, just absent. Hope your vacation was every bit as glorious as it deserves to be, Ms. L.

  17. Two copies, please, if I'm not too late! I just returned from vacation in time for spring tornadoes and sky-high pollen counts.

  18. I'm surprised you weren't here, doing research! Cooling off, smelling nothing but a few scilla...

    Okay, since it's you!

  19. I am very interested in a copy of your book...Raven... My e-mail is
    Author South Mississippi
    Keep up the good work!

  20. Maybe next winter so I can slog through the snow.

    No, we went to the other Magic Kingdom, and then to the Isle of Treasures to visit Grandma and Granddad. Actually, I did do a bit of research by riffling through Grandma's closet for old photos of 11 Leatherstocking St. -- found a tattered panorama shot of Lebanon (NY) Old Home Day 1934, among other ghostly images.

  21. James,
    At least you were thinking of us, looking for us! It's odd here--where's the snow? Not that I mind!

    Well, I just told James he could have his, so I suppose I should let you as well. I was always a tardy sort myself.

    I'll post something later about the book mailing. It will take longer than the usual--but, then, it's cheaper than the usual.

    Later: Just got word that they have to have my money before they ship, so... it'll be a bit longer than I'd thought.

  22. Any of you Raven-orderers who now want to get rid of some of that money currently scorching your pockets, send checks to me at post office box 921 in beautiful and currently-not-iceclad downtown Cooperstown. That's in New York with a code of one-three-three-two-six. Don't forget to send me a clear address in return!

    I still have zero idea about when the books will arrive, so I'll post a note here the day they come so you can be looking for your copies.

  23. Received to date:

    2 x 5. from Andrea C.

  24. A check for four books is in the mail tomorrow AM. Thanks!

  25. The books are in the dining room--arrived today! I feel for these small truckers--gas prices are making runs to rural villages rather expensive.

    Don't forget to put a full return address on your envelope... And if you've thought of anything special regarding inscriptions, put that in your envelope as well.

  26. Looks like Ms. L has been very thoughtful and covered sending in money for my and Katie's books, so I'll just reimburse her.

    For inscriptions, one to Ariel and one to Megan, please. We both love reading, I love writing. But I can't tell you what to write. Something precious would be lost and shattered, and the end result would be similar to a delicate china rose dropped from the clouds.

    Thank you so much for doing this! I love autographed books- each one is a treasure to me.

  27. Hello, Megan, my romantic visitor-- Sometimes people want a book to mention something like a "birthday" or other celebratory occasion, in addition to a particular name. Usually that sort of thing is what people request... Don't worry; I certainly don't ask you to come up with embellishments! To suit your style, I'll have to go all out!

  28. Well, of course you ment an inscription concerning birthdays or whatnot. Silly, silly me. My subconscious told me: "That's not right, you're making a fool of yourself." But I ranted on about china roses anyway.

  29. Rule:

    China rose rants are always welcome.

  30. Does the same apply to real roses too? Because I will eventually ramble on about those as well; delicate raindrop encrusted petals of fine-spun velvet, abandonded on wet concrete, a corner of a dream plunged into harsh reality...

  31. Rose rants always welcome!

  32. Finally! The Palace p.o. is rarely open when we are there, but today, yes.

    Monies received to date:

    Andrea - 2 x 5

    Megan - 1 x 5 inscribed

    Connie - 2 x 5
    -1 Ariel, inscribed, mention reading
    -1 Robin, with valley of lilies inscription

    Jim S. 2 x 5
    - 1 for Julia, age 9, voracious reader
    - 1 for the virgin novelist

    Rebecca 2 x 5

    Eileen 1

    Marcella 1

  33. You should have received 20$ (4 total books)from Connie for

    Megan - 1 x 5 inscribed

    Connie - 2 x 5
    -1 Ariel, inscribed, mention reading
    -1 Robin, with valley of lilies inscription


    -1 x 5, inscribed

    Katie would be so sad if forgotten!


  34. Oops.

    Many profuse and low-bowing apologies, honored reader.

    We knew that, honest! Katie, inscribed...

    The obligation is now tattooed upon our hearts. (Ouch!)

  35. It seems everything's in order, now I'm just awaiting the book. Waiting for it's solid weight and creamy pages inscribed with inky wonders...

  36. Keep your eyes out for the incoming flights of ravens...

    Too bad I sent it by mule train!

  37. Exactly thirty books are now OUT, sent by Turtle Express. Ten were donations to a fund raiser. Twenty were to people here and yon, all on the East Coast.

    Blog Queen, regarding mailing info and tiny amount of filthy lucre: You have not materialized in the Palace mail.

  38. Blue clad ravens have flown home and landed in welcoming arms. Mine has found a place of honor alongside my other favorites. The inscription is pure beauty- thank you, thank you, thank you. I love it, and shall have to think of more ways to show gratitude...

  39. Ah, that is lovely. The completion of a book by a happy reader is satisfaction...


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