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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Art in the city

I've just returned from a stay in New York City with my Yale Divinity group. Many of things we did were special--a private talk with Ed Baynard about "Re-emerging," the current show at Sara Tecchia Gallery, a visit to Makoto Fujimura's home and studio, listening to Hank Jones on piano and Joe Levano on saxophone at Lincoln Center, etc.--and I'll write about some of them over the next few days. The talk with Ed Baynard was, I suppose, the most unusual, as Mako says that he simply does not discuss his pictures. It seems a tribute to Makoto Fujimura the person and painter that Baynard was willing to do so. I won't repeat what Ed Baynard said about the pictures, as I believe that to be "in confidence," but I'll have some things to say about the experience.
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The photograph of Grand Central Station and the Chrysler Building is by Gabor Erdos of Veszprém, Hungary. It is a royalty free picture from