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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Wisdom of Wiggles

N. has been home with strep throat and the general puddleglum nasties. He's watching the BBC production of The Silver Chair, and I just caught this sterling Marsh Wiggle advice for those of us with or without or soon to have strep throat: "Life isn't all fricasseed frogs and eel pie."


Illustration of Puddleglum in his marsh
by Pauline Baynes,
from The Complete Chronicles of Narnia
(50th Anniversary Edition) by C. S. Lewis


  1. Utterly whimsical!

  2. Hello to Ool (Owner Of Lyria, I think)!

  3. Oh yes, that's me! Perchance I'll become OoL permanently, then. Lyria sends out a feline greeting to Lady Azure and Theodora, the rainbow snatcher. Excuse me while I go pursue my new-found hobby: amassing an extended vocabulary of toungue-kinking words. I've not yet had massive success, but my favorite is tintinnabulation.

  4. >>Life isn't all fricasseed frogs and eel pie.
    For which, much thanks.
    Marly, your blog gives me a lot of pleasure. I hope good health once more holds sway in the Youmans household.

  5. Ool,
    Autochthonicism, anybody? (Sounds like Lovecraft by car.)

    The floppy cat would send greetings were she not the floppy cat, but she is really too exhausted (not to mention too bound up in dreadlocks.) Theodore will no doubt return the favor with a pounce and swat.

    Thanks & ditto regarding your blog--too elegant for "blog," really. I always like to see what you've drawn for the day (literally & figuratively, I suppose.)

    I've actually pondered the idea of doing one of your month-themes. It's such a good idea. But I'm probably too dratted long-winded. I'd get nothing else done.

    "Youmans" is only me. Everybody else is something else, and I go around in disguise as something else a lot of the time. I love dual identity.

    I hope everybody goes to school or work tomorrow. Except me. I'm hoping to stay home and scribble and catch up on the mountainous laundry.

  6. Marly (that's not your real name, is it?),

    Sorry N. has the globbers. Danged, now I'll have to add this site to my favorites.

    v/r OOG (Owner Of Gryphon)
    p.s. Hello Aunt Mary! (when you chat next)

  7. Oog, you're just jealous because there's no nickname for "Frank." It's too short already! (But what about Charles? That's short, but he has Chuck.)

    Owner-of-Wesa never leaves a message. She's very well-behaved, that Oow.

    We're just a regular Pest House around here. I've had all three slain-by-bugs this week. Today, just one. R. Meanwhile N has gone back to school with a cough that will make the halls ring and the teachers jump. Fully approved for return by his local medical authorities, though.

  8. Sorry about the epidemic on the home front. I bet you drowned that bug with chicken noodle soup, though. Our house, too, has been invaded, but by a lovable, big eared and tail-wagging pooch instead of a nasty germ. She says "hello" to everyone doggy-style: with a big tail wag and sloppy lick.

  9. R. has been laid very low, but we just watched "Howl's Moving Castle" for the first time--and that has made a fevery Calcifer-ish life bearable.

    Hope your doggie is as cute as the ridiculous big-eared, tail-wagging one in the movie!

  10. I'm sure our pooch Odie (her foster parents named her, but we're contemplating variations) is much cuter. :)

    I knew there was a Howl's Moving Castle movie, but since I heard it was a cartoon I decided not to see it. Would you recommend it? I found the book wonderfully eccentric.

  11. Variations on the name "Odie"?

    There's always Odilon Redon, the Symbolist painter, with his dreamlike pictures...

    Yes, I love the book. Luckily the movie doesn't try to be the book and is quite different.

    Perhaps I'll write a post about it for you--but not until Monday, as I'm still tending sickies.


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