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Sunday, November 27, 2005

More Renato Alarcao

And here is another of Renato Alarcao's preliminary sketches for the paperback edition of The Curse of the Raven Mocker (FSG), forthcoming from Firebird (Penguin).


  1. This is a stunning illustration.

  2. Yes,it is lovely. I'm interested that you wanted to be a poet as a child; pretty early vocation there. (I wanted to be a nun, because of the nice black and white dresses. A great dismay to my Lutheran mother. Failing nunhood, I thought I might settle on running away with the gypsies, but I didn't know any.)

  3. Renato is wonderfully fecund--just tosses up lovely proposals en masse. I'll have eight to post in all, so come back and see the rest.

    I love describing rapid motion, and I think he does too. I just wish we could use all the illustrations.

    Black and white is very crisp. I see the habit-appeal; my daughter has a thing for penguins...

    It must be odd wanting to be a poet as a child--but some of us have strange childhoods and strange thoughts, I suppose. I also wanted to be a naturalist, but I think that was partly because my mother knew the name of every wildflower I ever saw. And I loved the names.


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