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Thursday, July 28, 2005

She's not here (she's at the NCCAT blog)

My "other" blog--one that I've set up for this summer's NCCAT seminar in the short story--is eating up all my "news blog" time, so visit me there. Members are welcome; visitors of all stripes are welcome. There are quite a few things of interest to novice and professional writers.

Already up are:

a greeting featuring "hard work and joy," from Philip Lee Williams, Georgia author of twelve books, mostly fiction;

a response from Phil to a question about teaching creative writing and how to get students to "focus on their work";

Marjorie Hudson on place, shifting from "creative nonfiction" to fiction, the line between "making up" and "being accurate," and other interesting matters;

a tongue-in-cheek piece from Corey Mesler about writing his novel-in-dialogue, Talk;

a greeting from Ron Rash;

Ingrid Hill talking about how she chased down a WalMart trucker to do research for Ursula, Under.

Coming up:

Carole Fungaroli Sargent on--well, I've forgotten, we talked about so many possiblities--and more!

Check at

* * *

Oh, and I'm going to extend the book giveaway for ten days, mainly because I was lazy and only listed it at Bookloons. See the May 20 post in archives for how-to-do--

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