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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Endicott Studio: a novelist reviews Ingledove

It has been a long, arduous summer, and all that has happened feels alternately too close or long ago and far away.

Book news: there's a review of Ingledove up on a featured books page at the lovely Endicott Studio site ( It's by novelist Midori Snyder. Here's a clip: In this exceptional novel Youmans skillfully mixes Celtic, Appalachian and Cherokee mythology and language to create Adantis, a fantastic world, half hidden in nature . . . Youmans’ characters are compelling; the dialogue is unique, rich with invented vocabulary. Her prose, lush and evocative as fireflies, seems to lift from the pages. A simply beautiful novel.

Midori Snyder's biography on the site is quite interesting: Now that's a satisfyingly full life.

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