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Tuesday, July 19, 2005 review of "Ingledove"

Daniel Eskridge has published a review of Ingledove at It's good; anything that ends "I heartily recommend it" is fine with me!

He also has clips from other reviews and links at


  1. Okay Marly here goes!!!

    I believe I would like Ingledove because I do like fantasy stories. I am a BIG fan of Tolkein. I am looking forward to reading it in the kitchen with my collection of Chickens. My favorite Chicken is one that is a basket whose head comes off. Belive it or not it is an antique given to me by a friend.

    I wold also like to read the Raven Mocker your pre-cursor to Ingledove, because I am of Native American decent. My great-grandfather was a full blooded Sioux Indian, and my ex was 1/16 Cherokee. I really should have known better, the Sioux and the Cherokee never did get along. Anyway, looking forward to reading Ingledove and meeting you at NCCAT. By the way, do you think they will have Chickens at NCCAT in Cullowhee?

  2. By the way, I wish they had spell check on Blogs. My thoughts fly faster than my fingers can type, and I find I leave out things. Like spelling would, wold. Sorry.

  3. "Wold" is a good old-fashioned word, though it doesn't mean "would"...

    That's funny about your ex! My husband's grandmother and great-grandparents were half Akwesasne Mohawks (the ones who were too fiery to join the Iroquois Nation) and half French Canadian. She pilloried both sets of people (and everybody else) for their faults with great vim.

    Refrain: Everything is better with chickens, even NCCAT. But you know that. You have the chickens in the kitchen (unless they're imaginary.)

  4. I tell people that about my ex all the time. It is good for a laugh. The truth is, my husband was fond of ridiculing others as well, which is just one of the reasons he is an ex. I try to maintain a positive, live and let live attitude.

    The chickens are real objects. I have a plant holder chicken, four basket chickens, a plaster chicken, and a picture of a chicken.

    The most interesting thing is that when we looked at the house I knew it was meant for us because the previous owners had left the picture of the chicken. I believe in signs.

    So maybe we will find some chickens at NCCAT.


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