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Friday, July 03, 2020

Reviews and a thorn tree

A new poem just out at North American Anglican

Godric of Finchale as a Thorn Tree
Homage to Frederick Buechner

Fly HERE to read the poem.

Snitching a twitter-comment from poet Lisa McCabe @LAHMCCABE:
Replying to @NorthAmAnglican and @marlyyoumans - thank you for writing this beautiful poem. The dedication is perfect.

*  *  *

A new review of Glimmerglass at Brandywine Books

Glimmerglass the novel may be like Glimmerglass the lake. It’s beautiful from the shore, warm, inviting, even with hints of danger and mystery, and alien, if not weird, under the surface. When Cynthia falls into the icy lake, metaphorically speaking, she emerges among chain-smoking ghosts, feathered angels with parasols, minotaurs, and palace dance halls. Sure, it sounds trippy, but it works beautifully well.   --Phil Wade

Read the rest HERE.

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New reviews of Charis in the World of Wonders

I'm hoping for more of those helpful Amazon reviews, as even indie bookstores and people who do not buy from Amazon check them out. But I'm happy to have long, thoughtful reviews there, many of them by writers. So please check them out HERE.  

Please scroll down the blog to recent posts about reviews from Wuthering Expectations and Melanie Bettinelli.

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And The Book of the Red King

Please scroll down to find novelist Eugene Garber's wonderful comments on The Book of the Red King.

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