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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

St. Stephen's Day, Wren Day, the 2nd Day of Christmas

Carlo Crivelli's St. Stephen, 1476
The Demidoff Altarpiece
National Gallery, London
Read about it here

Jack Yeats, "Wren Boys"
Source: @LissadellHouse, twitter
Read about The Hunting of the Wren here


  1. Facebook thread on this, with parodies, jokes, and general silliness... HERE

  2. Thank you, Marly, for sharing the lovely images and links.

    1. Hope all is better with your wife!

    2. She is the unsinkable Molly Brown and will not be slowed down by such medical events. She is stronger and tougher than yours truly. Ever onward! Thank you, Marly.


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