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Thursday, December 07, 2017

The Seven Secrets Issue

The Rollipoke News, no. 5 is out today. And is jammed and crammed with secrets. I promised secrets to subscribers, and here they are. Enjoy, those of you who subscribe! (If you feel left out would like to subscribe, look at the right-hand column, near the top, for a Rollipoke sign-up.)

Most of the art above is by Clive Hicks-Jenkins. The camellia photo was taken by Mary Beth Kosowski. Thanks to many grand designers and publishers--Mary-Frances Glover Burt, Elizabeth Adams, Marc Jolley, Andrew Wakelin, Pete Crowther. Why these images? Books currently in print.


  1. Oh joy, I am now an official rollipoker! That sign up process was fun!

    1. Haha: enjoy your new status (and all the rollicking rollipoking!)

      Was amusing to have a Swallow and a Monk join in the same hour.

  2. Many of the secrets are very exciting indeed! I want to read all of them.


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