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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Sunlit morning, interrupted--

Thanks to Noah Clark of Erie, Colorado,

Started the green, sunlit day by politely explaining my allergy to politicians to a nice telephone lady from the one or the other of the two major U. S. political parties. I do hate to be interrupted when reading, perhaps particularly when the words come from Nabokov. (I say perhaps because it occurs to me that I have not read nearly enough Nabokov. There's another reason to regret that life is so brief!) I like what he said in answer to a question about what it is best to be: To be kind, to be proud, to be fearless.


  1. as you are doubtless aware of, nabokov was noted forYES! his butterfly collection of which he was an ardent pursuer when young... i've read a few of his books long ago; must return some day... we have swallowtails of various descriptions floating around in the yard today. it's inspiring and magical to watch them flit from bush to tree and then soar up into the very tiptop of some of our doug firs... did you know they see the world in plane-polarized light?...

    1. Plane-polarized light! Sounds so wondrous.

      He added to the sum of butterfly morphological knowledge in a number of areas, it seems. And that's impressive, isn't it? To be notable in multiple areas is uncommon.

      I miss living down South and seeing lots of butterflies. I don't see so many in upstate New York.


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