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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Poems at Mezzo Cammin

New at Mezzo Cammin: "A Curious Incident," a poem from the manuscript of The Book of the Red King; and "Rider Entering a Ruined City," a poem I wrote for painter and occasional penpal Graham Ward (UK.) Unfortunately, I cannot find an image of Graham's painting--thought I had saved it--but shall post later if I unearth one.


  1. for some reason, "Rider" brought up memories of one of J.g. Ballard's early novels; kind of a hieratic, arcane miasma that percolates through the words... Incident was rather chatty, but like a Dali image: in the background a limp watch.. good. tx for showing...

    1. That's an interesting connection... I wrote some poems related to Graham's paintings for a show in the UK.

  2. Someone asked T'sou-tzu, "How is it when there is no mistake, moment to moment?" T'sou-tzu said, "Bragging."


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