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Monday, December 14, 2015

Favorite Books of 2015

Hurrah, Maze of Blood is in Favorite Books of 2015, "Books and Culture Magazine." I'm grateful to be on the list, along with some very interesting writers (Hey, Santa, I want A. M. Juster's St. Aldhelm's riddles!)

Still waiting for Lady Word of Mouth to start gossiping about this book. Please take a look at review clips on the Maze of Blood page if you're interested. All I want for Christmas (other than St. Aldhelm's riddles) is more readers for this book.

Oh, and I'm so pleased that they mentioned "a gorgeous cover and illustrations by Clive Hicks-Jenkins." Because the collaborations we've done don't get enough mention for the art--stellar art and also design. Design work on Maze of Blood by the wonderful Mary-Frances Glover Burt of Burt and Burt, with stellar production values from Mercer University Press.

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