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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Notes from the road, with poems--

See prior post for event news...
Detail of Dark Movements Toy Theatre
showing forest and the Mari Lwyd
by artist Clive Hicks-Jenkins
If you're interested in keeping up with my poetry, there are now four poems online at Journal of Mythic Arts that come from the new manuscript inspired by Yoruban praise poems. In addition to the two editor Midori Snyder posted last week, I now see "Night Journey from Kingfisher," a poem inspired by the view of Kingfisher Tower in Otsego Lake that I see from my writing room window, and also "Praise for Dark Movements Toy Theatre," a poem that came out of my friendship with Clive Hicks-Jenkins of Wales, who has beautified many of my books with his art. And he does make the most delicious toy theaters ever!

All is well, despite one major tire blowout and one allergic reaction (oh, the road, the road!), and I had a great time doing events at the Southern Booksellers Alliance Trade Show in Raleigh and soon will be heading off to Richmond for a number of events connected with the Makers Series. 

Thank you to Mary Beth Kosowski and Jenny Waters Toole of Mercer, and hosts Gail MacIntosh and Professor Michael Poteat in Greenville.


  1. these are such beautiful poems! The links are outdated and the poems can now be found here:

    1. Hey, thanks! I should change the links. I'm sure all blogs are full of once hot links. Much appreciated... These are part of a long series of praise poems with influences from ancient Hebrew poetry and also Yoruban chant.


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