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Monday, September 07, 2015

About that wild plum küchen--

How different his life would have been,
if only he had a plentiful supply of küchen...
Perilously few pieces of wild plum küchen remaining in the pottery pan on the kitchen table... Possible conclusions:
1. My husband is a genius of no little moment, as is attested by his wild plum küchen;
2. There still some whipped cream to go on top of küchen;
3. If I wait till afternoon, the küchen may be entirely and woefully gone;
4. If I eat a piece of küchen now, it will definitely be gone in the afternoon, and that will be sad, but not as sad as no. 3;
5. I may be one of the most (risibly) indecisive people on planet Earth, as proven by the continuing debate over whether wild plum küchen is irresistible or (temporarily) resistible;
6. I could easily rectify the indecision dilemma of no. 5 with a judicious application of tea, küchen, and mountains of whipped cream;
6. There are many terrible, intractable, unjust problems in the world to grieve and crack the heart, but there is also wild plum küchen;
7. "At the sight of küchen / Lying on a green glass plate, / Even the bawds of euphony / Would cry out sharply" with apologies to Stevens;
8. Those thin men of Haddam could do with some wild plum küchen;
9. Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse, KBE, called Plum, lacked for little except the occasional political understanding and wild plum küchen;
10. Reading Saki's line, "And like every woman who has ever preached repentance to unregenerate youth, she dwelt on the sin of an empty life, which always seems so much more scandalous in the country, where people rise early to see if a new strawberry has happened during the night" while eating wild plum küchen is a very fine thing (Hat tip to Wuthering Expectations);
11. There is Planet X, the perils of Nibiru, and then there is the delight and surprise of wild plum küchen (esp. for Miss Yo-Yo);
12. In all of culinary history (and even in all of Michael's culinary history), there are wondrous delights, and yet there is the testament to tang and taste that is wild plum küchen.


  1. I always think of my late mother-in-law whenever there is talk of or the eating of plum küchen with whipped cream. I almost made some when our plum tree gave forth. Now you've given me the craving! Lovely ode to a delicious treat!


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