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Thursday, January 01, 2015

Glimmering New Year

Here's a little Pinterest board I made on New Year's Day. It's composed of pictures I found on the web (on blogs and twitter and Facebook), all of Glimmerglass at various people's houses. If you send me a link to a picture, I'll put yours up as well. (A lot of people have posted the cover with comments, but it has to be a picture that shows at least a wisp of the setting.)

And here's a #tbt picture for New Year's Day, pilfered from my daughter's twitter and posted on Facebook and now finally here. It's me with my little Rebecca Beatrice, a kindergartner at the time... so I am either 43 or 44, and that's the front porch of our house in Greenville, South Carolina. It was a lovely, ramshackle Arts and Crafts / Tudor, and I hated to leave it behind.

Wishing you love and peace and metaphysical gold on New Year's Day! 


  1. Ah, proof that all that glimmers can indeed be golden . . .
    Happy New Year from R. T. at the revived blog, Beyond Eastrod ( -- the explanation for the revival is posted at both blogs) . . .

    1. Hi Tim--

      I'm not surprised! Shall mosey over and see when things calm down...

  2. Oh, beautiful mother and daughter! How that word 'glimmer' has popped up here and there - one commenter called my frost flowers my own glimmerglass. And another at 'gift books' hopes you will respond to a query about teachers who were a great influence on you. Connections abound...

    Happy New Year to you and yours!

    1. Hi Marja-Leena--

      I shall take a look at that post! And thank you...


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